The Black Sheep- Why Everyone Should Be a Communications Major

So obviously we’ve been told “Comm. isn’t a real major” ever since we stepped foot in our freshman dorms.  That is probably why half the students in the major chose the field in the first place. However, this article is not meant to belittle the hard work that Comm. students actually do. It is instead meant to highlight the many perks that I (and I’m sure many others) have experienced in our exciting and thought-provoking major. Fellow comm. majors, I hope you can relate. To the engineers who think they’re special…build a bridge and get over it.

Every professor I’ve had in college dedicates a full lesson plan to the use of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Yes, social media will be important in our jobs following college. However, no middle-aged married man should ever believe he’s smarter at using it than I am. I’m not complaining though; listening to teachers embarrass themselves with their inability to understand what poking someone means will forever amuse me.

In my PR campaigns class I’m revolving a campaign around Teen Mom. Apparently one of the girls on Teen Mom lives in Delaware and Delaware has the 6th highest teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. So for our hypothetical campaign we are informing teens about the realities of pregnancy through inspirational talks from said teen mom. In other words, watching reality shows can be helpful in real life.

I’m a communications NINJA. Okay, that sounds really nerdy but that’s what my teacher says, so I play along. Basically, I don’t have to go to a shrink to learn about all my relationships and feelings. I just have to wake up for a 12:20 class. I’ve learned that the way you were raised affects every single aspect of who you are. Also, you can’t truly commit to someone until you’re out of love with them (try explaining that one to your boyfriend).  When you’re in conflict with someone you have to change how you’re acting and thinking about the situation, not worry about what they are doing wrong. Basically, what’s great about comm. classes is…they’re all about me.

My teachers are social, normal humans who can relate to college students. Ever had a Stat professor whose brain somehow skips over every social etiquette possible? Or a Bio professor who communicates better with fish than with humans? The great thing about comm. teachers is that they know how to interact with people and actually make an effort to keep their students awake during class. They also all seem to magically know everything about college life- while Finance teachers give you take home exams during spring break. Hellooo have you ever seen MTV? Cause your exam is going to get lost somewhere in the Caribbean, along with my dignity.

I got credit for watching porn, WFF wrestling matches, Boondock Saints and rap videos. Looking back on this even I am surprised….the class was called Sex and Violence in the Media, so there you go. I highly recommended wasting your time in this course.

I went to the corporate office of Estee Lauder and partied in NYC for a class project. We had to interview someone in the PR profession so of course my friends and I opted for the road trip. We got to see inside of Estee Lauder’s original office and got a bag full of free make-up. Then we went to a bar with my friend’s sister and went wild.

Obviously comm. majors are living the life, although we may need to work harder to find a job after college. Guess we will cross that bridge when we get there….that’s what engineers are for anyways.


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