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The Reality of Senior Year

8 Jan

For me, and many other soon-to-be graduates that I’ve talked to, senior year has turned out to be way more stressful and less “college” than expected. When catching up with an old friend recently, I said I wished I had prepared more for this year and paid more attention to my career goals, etc. throughout college. However, she said she’s glad she was able to live her underclassman years with a carefree attitude and certain oblivion that has begun to disappear as graduation approaches. I completely agree; last year when I thought about graduation, I looked at it as a faraway place I wanted to avoid for as long as possible. I thought senior year would be full of reminiscing, having fun and dreading my life after. Although the stress that comes with entering the real world is unpleasant at times, I feel ready for it, and am looking forward to the next stage of my life.  My advice to the underclassmen who are still living in the somewhat carefree oblivion of college- enjoy it while it lasts. To those who feel the wave of maturity beginning to hit- doesn’t it feel surprisingly nice?

Applying to jobs takes a lot of time, hard work and planning, but setting goals for yourself and recognizing the rewards of your actions is very satisfying. Working on my resume, cover letter or researching different PR firms is actually enjoyable to me now. Every time I post something on Twitter that’s career related I feel a sense of accomplishment. What’s even more revealing of my growth as a soon-to-be PR professional is that I truly enjoy my internship projects.  When I interned during the summer after my freshman year, and even after my sophomore year, I avoided working extra hours and probably did the minimum of what was expected. Now, interning at Maier & Warner PR/Marketing, I like going into the office, accomplishing tasks, taking on challenging projects and learning from the experienced professionals I’m surrounded by. Thankfully, I know I chose a career path that is going to suit me well.

To summarize, I’d rather spend the day getting my life together (aka meeting PR professionals, editing my writing samples, or beefing up my resume) than sitting around watching Teen Mom. I’m assuming this means reality has set in and the façade of college is wearing off- just on time. It is honestly a relief that my natural ambition has set in, and I’m looking forward to life after college.

Unfortunately, it’s a little late in the game to have just started a blog, but writing for The Black Sheep publication kind of delayed my Word Press creation. However, as my job search continues, and I take on spring semester and an interesting digital internship before graduation, I hope to blog about relevant topics that will reveal my passions as I enter the real world.