User Engagement for Brands Increases with “Memes”

4 Apr

As social marketing for business becomes more necessary with the rapid growth of social media channels, we often hear the phrase “Content is King”. While traditional marketing on Facebook and Twitter may help reach business goals through sales and customer following, there is a different kind of content that sets companies apart on social media and elicits more user engagement. This content involves the creation of memes– a cultural element passed from person to person. These can be viral videos, animated gifs, trending catchphrases, mash-ups of content, etc. While memes may be irrelevant to your business objectives, they spark user interest and can help a company become noticed.

Social media revolves around viral interactions, and the more users see and share your content, the more engagement your company will gain. Users share the content that makes them react, because they know their friends will have similar reactions. A meme can be anything from a funny image:

Or a funny video promoting something. For example, Wonderful Pistachios teamed up with meme-maker Randall from The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger to develop a new commercial. In the original video, Randall  narrated a video of a honey badger in a very funny way. The video’s viral success reached over 40 million views on YouTube.

The key to using memes for social engagement is understanding your audience’s tastes and sense of humor and making the content relevant to your audience. Another great example of a meme is the ‘Sh*t girls say’ video, which spurred a variety of similar videos that pick on certain stereotypes. All in good fun of course! So next time your company Facebook page is lacking in user engagement, create a funny meme, or share one you like, and I guarantee you’ll get a few laughs (and more importantly, viral shares!).

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