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Blogging my way into 2012

30 Dec

My New Year’s resolution is to figure out this whole word press thing and make an online portfolio! I will be entering the job force come spring, hoping to work at a PR agency in the D.C. area. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Currently, I am the founding campus manager of The Black Sheep at Delaware, a nationally-run college newspaper targeted towards students. This unique position has allowed me to fully understand the responsibilities and dedication required in a leadership role. Publishing the first installment of The Black Sheep involved a complex brand awareness campaign, incorporating social media, event planning and strategic distribution management. Now, with a distribution of 9,000 papers, including advertisements from many local businesses, The Black Sheep has a growing, thriving presence on campus.

During my break from school, I am continuing my previous summer internship for a boutique agency, Maier & Warner PR/Marketing. Since I worked for them during the summer, I have a more solid understanding of the clients and practices, and therefore am able to take on more advanced projects.  My most enjoyable accomplishment at Maier & Warner has been researching and writing marketing proposals and learning about real estate PR.  In the spring I plan on completing another internship before I graduate at eZanga, an online search engine and advertising firm. I am looking forward to writing blogs, developing video blogs and utilizing social media plans to draw traffic to their website.

Besides internships and school experiences, I have developed a passion for PR through my own online community. Through PRSSA membership, LinkedIn connections, Twitter chats, and following PR professionals and blogs, I have developed an even greater fascination for PR. There are always new ways to connect with people, new marketing skills to develop and rising trends to follow. This fast-paced, ever-changing world of PR is challenging and exciting and I believe I can make a difference within it.